How to Install Your Wall Mural


Having already purchased the wall mural, you’re currently inquisitive regarding the cost of professional installation. You wish to save cash, right? Wonderful. Well then, invite a friend over, roll up your sleeves and set aside a Saturday or Sunday afternoon. Similar to hanging regular wallpaper, installing your wall mural is not difficult at all.

Before you start your project, make sure to unroll and examine the wallpaper panels. Make sure all the items are present and in good condition. To realize to achieve results, please do not wing it. Instead, consult the manufacturer’s directions.

Prior to hanging, make sure that room wall is clean and flat, Fix holes or dents in the wall if there are any. Wash the dirt from the wall and dry the wall completely before you begin.

Now you need to determine the exact place on the wall where you will start to hang the first panel of your wall mural. Now, carefully roll the panel up inside out and let the piece lay undisturbed for a few minutes. This will help prevent it from curling when you are applying it to the wall itself.

Now, you can apply the 3d wallpaper panel to the intended spot marked on your wall, carefully unroll it while aligning it with the line, use a damp sponge or finishing brush and gently push any air pockets that may be trapped under the panel. Now simply repeat the above process over again with each adjoining panel of the wall mural.

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