A long term project that included a full design and fit out package. This project commenced over several phases over a 2 year period for both The Dublin HQ, Arturn Ryan Building and their Belfast Premies during 2016-2018; starting with the Dublin premises in 2016.

In Dublin we spent several weeks with the architects and building construction company prior to any production to work on the plans for the most modern designs to suit all areas to include 6 floors of Primark’s offices, retail and clothing departments. Each area we produced and fitted out all glass and wall space that was required in the plans. We also worked within all 6 floors of the lift areas using our way finding sigange.

Once completed we then moved into the Belfast premises with our team fitting our bespoke graphics over 24 hour periods through a 3 month stage. This also included several parts of signage and uv protected glass for each floor on looking the streets of Belfast.

Primark has won various awards for their unique and modern design style world wide.