RTE, Room To Improve

featuring Dermot Bannon & RTE, The Design Doctors:

Room To Improve is one of Ireland’s most popular interior design and architectural tv shows ever to air on RTE. It has featured many well known designs to include Russell Altman’s 3D Forest Room on Season 7, episode 3.

Russell met with Dermot and the home owners as a last minute idea to turn the room into a forest theme a couple of days before the final aftermath was going ahead.

Russell & Dermot brain-stormed some ideas that led into using all 4 walls in the same room to create a 3D Forest Theme rather than just focusing one small wall. The results were fantastic while being a big wow factor of the tv show and this particular episode. 

The material used on this project was a B1 fire rating matt wallpaper with a professional install.

Russell was hands-on with this project from start to finish and designed the forest ideas to make sure each wall would have a different feel while using the same image to spread across the 4 walls in the room.