VoxPro is an Irish company that provides their services to many world wide corporations such as Facebook, Air B&B, SnapChat and Google. 

Russell and his team worked up many design ideas for this Giant Company that has their HQ in both Dublin and Cork.

There has been several phases for both VoxPro premises.

Many projects inc the design for several floors of custom glass decals, privacy frosting and wall graphics. 

Then 2 reception areas both with 3D LED signage with gold backdrop tiling and also an interior concrete wall wrap with an Acrylic 3D sign applied afterwards. 

We also provided a recent rebrand 40ft wide sign that is viewed from far away as it faces out to Dublin Port on the 5th floor of their building in Point Village. This is a backlit sign and each letter is 7ft tall.

This fit project has been over 3 years from 2017-2020 and Russell has personally been involved 7 days and 7 nights with his team to help achieve tight deadlines. All with succession and happy clients as a result.